How-to-Boil Water

broccoliHow-to-Boil Water

A Basic Series that will focus on culinary fundamentals guaranteed to turn even the most reticent cook into a confident one. This fun, interactive series is designed for novice cooks, with an eye toward building great cooking skills for a lifetime — from knife skills to sauce making, we want you to cook well and cook often, all while enjoying the process. Begin at the beginning — simple & successful!

Session 1

How to Boil Water, Knife Skills

Knife Skills

knife skills
food safety, reading a recipe, terminology, mis en place
poaching techniques

Session 2

How to Boil Water, Roast, Chicken, Sicilian Chicken

Sicilian Chicken

roasting techniques
equipment & tools

Session 3

How to Boil Water, Sauté, Pan Sauces, Salmon

Sake-glazed Salmon

pan-roasting & sauté techniques
pan sauces
cake making & assembly, frosting
how to measure, kitchen organization

Session 4

How to Boil Water, Fresh Tomato Pasta, Pasta

Fresh Tomato Pasta

pasta: techniques & pairing
pasta sauces
yeast dough
stocking your pantry, menu planning, shopping secrets, timing

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