Sicilian Chicken

There are many wonderful aspects associated with roasting a chicken.  First, it fills your house with a wonderful smell; second, you have a beautiful and delicious chicken for dinner; third, if you plan ahead and buy an appropriately sized chicken, … Continue reading

planover cock-a-leekie pie

During my time living in England, I sampled a considerable amount of English fare — some of it was actually quite tasty! One fine road trip to the Cottswolds, we happened upon a lovely pub, and this is their version … Continue reading

planover chicken enchiladas

I LOVE planner dinners, part of the cooking is done, and usually I can make enough extra enchiladas to freeze for yet another meal or two! You could easily adapt these enchiladas to a vegetarian version, using roasted butternut squash … Continue reading

shepard’s pie

On a cool evening I yearn for comfort food. And if it’s not pasta — my ‘go to’ comfort food, a beautiful shepard’s pie will fill the need, as well as my growling tummy. basic ground meat mix … Continue reading

marinara sauce

Quite possibly the MOST versatile sauce in the Italian repertoire! Not only is is fantastic on a plate of perfectly cooked pasta, but it’s also fantastic pizza sauce, or spooned over a chicken cutlet, topped with a bit of cheese … Continue reading

onion sauce

This sauce hails from northern Italy, and is best if you caramelize the onions slightly before continuing with the recipe. Wish, flavorful, made with pantry ingredients. In the Italian way, simple is best! perfect pasta video how to prep the onions … Continue reading

fusilli al tonno

There is a little Neapolitan restaurant in London, which I frequented. On oof my favorite dishes there as their fusilli al tonno — screwy noodles with spicy tomato sauce and tuna. If you can find it, tuna packed in olive … Continue reading

penne al arabbiata

This spicy tomato based sauce is a family favorite. We like to serve it on penne pasta, fresh out of the pot! and a mound of freshly grated Parmigiano! YUMMMM!!! Choose either dread chili flakes (easy to have on hand) … Continue reading