peach plum burrata salad

This past Saturday, the first one of Autumn, was one of those days you just wanted to take a bite out of, and savor! We chose to spend our afternoon at Pike’s Place Market. Ahhh, it’s always inspiring to see … Continue reading

it’s potato season!

I confess — I have never met a potato I didn’t like! So, I am happy that we are in potato season! And recently, potatoes have gotten a bad wrap. I’d like to set the record straight. Great news! Potatoes are … Continue reading

sake raspberry vanilla glazed scallops

I am regularly tasked with creating recipes to pair with specific wines for winemakers dinners. One of my favorites, as well as my students faves is this scallop recipe. It was inspired by a truly beautiful sparkling rosé wine, of … Continue reading

fresh corn

It’s that time again — fresh corn at the farmers market!! YUMM!! It is so tender and sweet. Of course, corn on the cob is am must, but I also like to turn my corn into more elegant sides, or … Continue reading

greek salad

Summer weather is finally here, and I am enjoying the efforts of our local farmers and growers. I love eating seasonally. Many years ago I had the opportunity to ‘eat my way’ around Greece in 10 days. Fresh fruits and … Continue reading