let’s roast!

Roasting is most likely the oldest method of cooking meats, first begun over an open fire, using indirect dry heat. Roasting and baking are the same technique, roasting is the term usually applied in cooking meats, baking for pastries and … Continue reading

Sicilian Chicken

There are many wonderful aspects associated with roasting a chicken.  First, it fills your house with a wonderful smell; second, you have a beautiful and delicious chicken for dinner; third, if you plan ahead and buy an appropriately sized chicken, … Continue reading

planover chicken enchiladas

I LOVE planner dinners, part of the cooking is done, and usually I can make enough extra enchiladas to freeze for yet another meal or two! You could easily adapt these enchiladas to a vegetarian version, using roasted butternut squash … Continue reading

sunday brunch

SOoooo, it appears that we will be brunching at home this Easter Sunday, by ourselves. Not to worry, there are plenty of options for divine dining. Breakfast is, yes indeed, the most difficult meal to cook and get the timing … Continue reading

soul soothing soups

Ah, soup! A steaming bowl of warming, palliative yumm!  A fruitful labor of love, even if you are making soup only for one. Freeze the rest, too treat your innards another day. Soup is sensual, it can be rustic or … Continue reading

appeal to your senses

In my 32 years of teaching people to cook, I have learned first-hand, and from my students’ experiences, that cooking can be very therapeutic.  The process of creating something beautiful, aromatic, nourishing and comforting, whether for yourself or others, can … Continue reading

cream of anything soup

A creamy soup is SOOO elegant! To show it off best, serve in a ‘soup plate,’ which is simply a pasta bowl! A little garnish, or earrings as we call them here, and you are all set. It may be … Continue reading

clean out the veg bin, make soup!

Look in that vegetable bin — what’s in there? A lit off orphan bits and pieces of vegetables, just looking for a home before they ‘go to the other side!’ Let’s use up those bits, in the name of cleaning … Continue reading

the suicide hour

Ahh, the familiar question: “What’s for dinner, and when is it?” This signals the beginning of what is known in my house as the suicide hour! Everyone is hungry, and we don’t know what we want to eat, but we … Continue reading

quick bolognese sauce

I LOVE spaghetti with meat sauce. When I don’t have sauce already in my freezer, I frequently make a quick bolognese sauce, to satisfy my hypopastemia (a low pasta light!). basic ground meat mix … Continue reading