sunday brunch

SOoooo, it appears that we will be brunching at home this Easter Sunday, by ourselves. Not to worry, there are plenty of options for divine dining. Breakfast is, yes indeed, the most difficult meal to cook and get the timing … Continue reading

balsamic berries with lemon mascarpone cream

As spring literally pops up around us…the daffodils at Sizzleworks are already blooming!…it makes us think of spring flavors. Lemons, berries, rosemary and lamb, to name a few. Speaking of lemons, Chef Ricky wants to share his go to dessert … Continue reading

italian breakfast galette

Mmmmmm, bacon & eggs, topped with mouth-watering tomatoes, basil! Well, how many ways can you say “Brunch is READY!!” At Sizzleworks we often use purchased frozen puff-pastry squares for surprising, scrumptious and beautiful desserts.  We frequently also use smaller squares, … Continue reading

lemon cloud pancakes

Mom deserves something truly special and memorable for the single day in the year where the family dotes on her and she is the star.  She will appreciate your time and effort as this pancake recipe takes a little additional time to prepare, but … Continue reading

rosemary ‘smashed’ potatoes

I love these little guys, whether roasted inside in the oven or outside on the grill, they delight my senses with the aroma, the colors and the crunch! dinner or breakfast — either way they are scrumptious!! I like to … Continue reading


Crepes are marvelous things — they can be filled with simple things, left-overs, whatever is on have for a quick snack or meal, or they can be full-on gourmet goodies! They freeze well (just remember to separate them with plastic … Continue reading

bunny biscuits

Quick Orange Chive Biscuit Bunnies   3 tablespoons sugar 1-2 teaspoons fresh orange zest 2 cups biscuit mix (I like Bisquick brand) 1 tablespoon freshly snipped chives 2/3 cup milk 1 teaspoon orange extract or orange liqueur flour, for shaping … Continue reading

cook up a gift!

The most treasured gifts are homemade — and these are not only treasured but scrumptious as well. Package your bounty in cute containers, which may be a ‘recycled’ bottle or jar, a holiday gift bag, a brown or white lunch … Continue reading

spring asparagus

Fresh spring asparagus is in the market! Choose asparagus that is spring green, firm and heavy for its size, no wrinkles or brown spots. And the tips should be firm with the buds closed. Either thin or thick stalks are good, … Continue reading