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here’s what the press is saying about carol

“Chef Carol and her staff offer cooking classes, educational videos and foodie team-building seminars at their Bellevue location, as well as a full line of instructional DVDs. Special events at the school include Couples’ ‘Date Night’ where you can watch amazing food being prepared, give the cooking a try yourself – or sit back with a glass of wine and watch your partner do it.” –425 Magazine

here’s what our customers say about sizzleworks:

“Just a quick shout out to say thank you so much for a fabulous time! The ladies were so impressed and enjoyed learning about Spanish culture…. also they enjoyed the wine!!” –Sara, Financial Advisor

About Our Series Classes: Cookwise and How to Boil Water

“I recommend the Cookwise series for people who are serious about cooking, but love to have a good time. I made some great friends in the class, which was an unexpected bonus. Chef Carol is a delight and a master at what she does.” –Suzette

“I have taken the ‘How to Boil Water’ series as well as the Risotto course. Chef Carol’s classes are a great time. You learn to make recipes demonstrated in class as well as the skills you’ll need to cook up other recipes and create your own. All the food tastes great. I have used the recipes and techniques on a consistent basis since taking the classes. I recommend Chef Carol’s classes to novice and experienced cook’s alike. You are sure to have a great time, learn a lot, and enjoy a delicious meal.” –Garret

“We just finished a 16 week cooking series at Sizzleworks called the Cookwise Series and I am so SAD it’s over! Each week was a different topic with hands on cooking, new techniques and recipes. At the end of each class, we would sit with our fellow classmates, instructors and new friends and enjoy a glass of wine and the food that we had just prepared. It’s a wonderful experience that I would HIGHLY recommend to everyone and look forward to continuing my culinary cooking journey with new classes at Sizzleworks.” –Kim

“Fun and informative! I’d been cooking for a long time before taking Cookwise, but I never really understood why things were done a certain way. Carol not only taught us how to prepare great dishes, but also the science behind the techniques, and that allows you to take what you’ve learned and apply it at home very easily. This was also a very fun class, with hands on learning, and a great laid back feel. I drove over an hour each way for these classes, but it was definitely worth it. I looked forward to each Tuesday night, and was sad to see it end. Here’s to a Cookwise2!! I would recommend this class to anyone who really enjoys cooking. You won’t be disappointed.” –Dan

“Your mother was right when she said ‘learn the basics and you can do anything.’ Never was this adage more true than in the kitchen. Master Chef Carol Dearth instructs the basics that focus on culinary fundamentals and guarantees to turn even the most reticent cook into a confident one. This fun, interactive series is designed for novice cooks, with an eye toward building great cooking skills for a lifetime – from knife skills to sauce making, we want you to cook well and cook often, all while enjoying the process. Begin at the beginning – simple & successful!”
Charles and Lisa

“Exactly what I’d been searching for! My prior experience with cooking classes had been simply demonstration of a few recipes without much substance. I found myself wanting to understand cooking techniques and theory so I could feel confident in altering recipes or creating my own. But how to do so without enrolling in culinary school? The Cookwise series at Sizzleworks, that’s how!!! Each 3 1/2 hour session focuses on one general topic – sauces, saute, roasting, etc. At the end of class you have gained immeasurable skill and knowledge and get to share a great meal with all of your new friends! Chef Carol is a terrific instructor and a wonderful hostess. The classes are informative and relaxed, and after a brief lecture we all get busy cooking. This series is perfect for both beginners and those with considerable experience. Everyone learns a lot and has a great time. Take this course! Your expectations will be exceeded. Mine were.” –Lynn

“The knowledge and confidence I gained during this series is far greater than I could have imagined, since I am passionate about cooking and already spent a good deal of time in the kitchen. The tips and tricks were one thing, but the deepened understanding, of not only ‘how’ to do it, but ‘why’ to do it, is invaluable. Your motto ‘More than recipes, it’s understanding’ couldn’t be more accurate. Each class contained at least one unique idea, method, or explanation that made me question how I had managed to this point in my life without that knowledge! I was surprised at the number of time saving, simplifying, and money saving techniques that were taught in class. It was a joy each week to spend time with seasoned cooks, as well as those who attended class as beginners. By the end of the series, it was remarkable to see the progress made by those just wanting to learn to cook.

“I was very impressed with the Sizzleworks Cooking School staff. Chef Carol and her staff make learning fun, interesting, and most important, very easy. Chef Carol’s communication skills are exceptional and her level of knowledge is amazing. The intimate setting and small class size create an atmosphere that promotes natural learning. Everything is hands-on, so the experience is real. And the entire experience was incredible for me. I have recommended this series to many of my friends and know they will be as delighted as I was with the course.

“Thank you for making the experience both memorable and worthwhile. I look forward to taking many more classes at Sizzleworks.” –Tracy K

About our Corporate and Private Events

“Please express to your team what a GREAT time we had last night at Sizzleworks. Everyone is still talking about all the fun they had and how much the appreciated receiving the personalized cookbook from you.” –Taylor P, T-Mobile

“Thank you so much for hosting our group. judging by all of the laughter & smiles, I think everyone enjoyed the cooking class. I look forward to hosting another event at Sizzleworks. Cheers!” –Krystle M, Voya Financial Advisors

“We had a wonderful time at our cooking event last week! Many of the girls went home and told their mothers how fun it was and several mothers have since contacted me to thank me for the planning! I’ll gladly take credit for the planning but give all the kudos to you and your team for putting on such a fantastic event! Thank you!!!” –Theresa M, NCL

“Thank you Chef Carol and your amazing staff for hosting our team event. A couple of the participants said that it was the best team event they’ve been to. You all provided just the right amount of instruction so we could learn together, but still have plenty of time to socialize. The pizza’s on the grill were not only fun to make, they were delicious and everyone learned something new. You have the best cooking school facility and you always make it interactive and a really good time. I am looking forward to being in your kitchen again soon.” –Suzette M, Allyis, Inc

“On behalf of the team, Kelly and I wanted to thank you and your entire crew: Chefs Ricky, Wendy and Liz for a great event. The entire team let us know that they had a wonderful time. The food was delicious and the entire evening was beautifully organized. The team had an opportunity to connect on a more personal level, following a day of meetings –overall a great way to end our first day of meetings. The amount of preparation, attention to detail and passion for cooking by all the chefs was so greatly appreciated by our group.” –Kim D, Expedia

“Thank you again for making our 9th anniversary party such a success! We had a wonderful time!” –Dawn W, Six Walls

“I wanted to add a huge thanks after our wonderful evening together at Sizzleworks, for putting on such a great event for the CBRE team. I know that you would like to have groups be a bit bigger but for us we felt very fortunate to have your very personal attention and great humor while learning how to cook an absolutely delicious meal.

“We all left feeling that Sizzleworks is a great place to bring the team to build relationships, enjoy great food and have a lot of fun. We are hoping to put together a larger team event in the near future. Thanks a million Carol!” –Mike D, CBRE

“My friends and I had such a wonderful time with YOU and your staff!!! You both are so much fun, thanks for letting us let our hair down!!! We are already talking about another party!” –Karen, from Sammamish

“Congratulations, your school was recognized as the #1 Cooking/Wine Appreciation Teacher in Seattle. We’ve just highlighted our Top 10 Cooking/Wine Appreciation Teachers in our Seattle community, and we’re happy to say you were part of that list.” –

“Sizzleworks is Fun, Informative AND Delicious! We have had our company’s holiday dinner at Sizzleworks 3 years in a row. Carol and her staff consistently created a fabulous evening for us. In addition, we learned new cooking techniques, kitchen safety (knives up!) and came away with recipes we could use at home to recreate the delicious meals we had in her kitchen. I always recommend Sizzleworks and Carol Dearth’s team to other business owners who are looking for a different kind of team building event and venue.” –MaryPat

About our cooking classes

“The instructors here don’t just teach you recipes, but they teach you the techniques, the hows and whys of everything you do, and the food science that holds it all together. And the food is simply amazing!

“I first took the ‘How To Boil Water’ beginner’s class with Chef Pam, which is a whirlwind tour of all things cooking. It was a lot of great stuff, but most importantly it was good practice for someone with practically no cooking experience to get comfortable in the kitchen.

“Next, I took ‘Cookwise’ 16-week series with Chef Carol, which takes everything up a notch and is a stand-out amongst cooking classes. This is the series that goes in depth into all things cooking. If you’re not ready to splurge on the whole 16-week series, I encourage you to at least take a few key classes to get a feel for how the class is run. My favorite classes were the Knife Skills, Taste Project, Saute, the 2 Sauce classes, and Eggs. But let’s be honest, once you’re hooked, you’re gonna wanna take the whole series.

“The staff here is super friendly and super fun. In short, Sizzleworks is a great place. If you love cooking, want to have fun cooking, and want to learn something all at the same time, you definitely need to check out Sizzleworks!” –Dwayne J

“I wanted to write and thank you for a wonderful cooking class night and let you know how much I appreciated the opportunity to learn so much more about fish. The recipes were varied and tasted terrific and I am looking forward to duplicating these and others in the booklet you provided.” –Jeanne L

“I took your pie making class before Thanksgiving and it was fabulous. My Thanksgiving pies had great crust and the whipped cream was to die for. In fact, one guest said, ‘Couldn’t finish my pie but I ate all of my whipping cream.'” –Renee P

“I recently attended a pie making course with Carol. It was really fun and gave me hope that perhaps I could actually make a pie crust that looked pretty and was edible. I attempted one this weekend – a mixed berry pie. It turned out perfect. The crust was flakely on the top and just a bit crunchy, but very flaky on the bottom. I followed Carol’s tips on the berry filling too. The filling came out perfectly firm, not runny and it was delectable. I brought most of the pie to work for my co-workers and everyone raved. I didn’t think perfect pie/pie crust would ever be in my future! Thank you Carol” –Linda C

“After many years of cooking for a large family and now just for two, I had really lost my touch and begun to hate it. What fun, what joy it is to come to this class and learn something new, do it hands on and in a very fun way. I had never heard of Sizzleworks until a friend mentioned it and now, besides all my other activities, I am hooked.” –Cyndee L

“Thanks to Carol, I have finally made a GREAT pie crust (the 10-inch tart crust from your book)! Very exciting for me, since I’ve always depended on Krusteaz. The leftover dough got sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar and baked along with the crust, and it was wonderful.” –Sheila from Bothell

Date Night

“My wonderful husband bought this unique ‘date night’ for me as a surprise and it was one of our most memorable!! Upon entering Sizzleworks you are greeted with smiles by the staff who offer to take your coat and serve you a beverage while you begin to mingle with all of the other friendly people who are also waiting for the nights festivities…the room is of simple elegance…for those whose tummies cannot wait for whats to come a delicious starter is passed out to begin the nights journey into the French Countryside…next Chef Carol introduces herself and staff before she begins her “tour”…we are then led into a tantalizing world of tasty dishes that we are able to either watch and learn or if we choose to participate in and help create…Chef Carol is sure to give needed details, tips and tricks to enhance the special recipes… the class is excited as we all watch is awe of the creations before us as we wait ever so impatiently to taste them… once the cooking portion of the night is complete we are invited to enter the “dining” part of the night… we then leave the “kitchen” and step into the beautifully adorned tables with fresh flowers while the soft sound of music plays…we are offered a glass, or two of wine while and are then ready to eat…after all is said and done and we have not only enjoyed a wonderful meal but a meal we helped to prepare we await whats next…dessert…new friends chat at tables about the night as we are served our scrumptious dessert…what a way to end the night…Chef Carol has an amazing business that I would recommend to anyone looking to have fun, learn and enjoy a very unique ‘date night’ or any night out!! I look forward to returning with my husband!” –Nicole

Date Night – Romantic Valentine’s Dinner

“If you like to cook and get involved with making dinner then this is the type of thing for you. Carol and her staff allow you to take part in every element of the dinner with a truly ‘hands on’ approach. Don’t be shy…just dive in. You will love the techniques and recipes you learn while enjoying an elegantly prepared meal.” –Josh & Liz

“Become the Cook of Your Dreams! I have attended about ten classes with Carol Dearth. As a result, my friends and family are always complimenting about my new dishes and my cooking. I was an average cook and now I’m a great cook. I’ve learned how to make wonderful Italian dishes and how to combine different ingredients to spice things up. My family can’t wait to try my new dishes. Cooking has become a joy instead of a chore. Thank you Carol and Sizzleworks Cooking School!” –Claudia

“I appreciated the level of skill, experience, practical knowledge, good humor, and most of all the patience that the instructors took in properly educating their pupils. Down to earth and humble; no big egos with bad attitudes at this school. We were all treated as equal ‘Foodies.'” –Pat

“After hunting for the better part of 40 years for a well-organized, comprehensive class that teaches the fine art of cooking and also the art of tasting – voila, there you were!” –Ginny

Winemaker’s Dinner

“A small gathering of about 20 people at Sizzleworks Cooking School in Bellevue, Washington AND OH WHAT AN EVENING! Chef Carol put together a ‘sparkling wine’ and food pairing evening that was as close to perfect as I have ever experienced.  She thought that ‘sparkling wines’ (a new and coming market for wines) would be a nice idea for the holidays.  However, the small gathering of people were in for a near perfect pairing experience with the ambiance to match.

“My husband and I had one of those ‘moments in time’ with the entire experience.  We had always thought Chef Carol and her crew were pretty darn good.  Now we think they are the best!” –Terry & Linda Kay P

Kid’s Camp

“My son had a great time at cooking camp this past weekend. He has aways been fond of cooking and eating and this camp has given him the confidence to experiment in the kitchen. Thank you again.

“I always tell him, in the kitchen, “Shitake Happens!'” –Savita M

About Our Cookbook and Videos

“Dear Chef Carol, I’m the older lady whom you so kindly made dvd’s of your “Down Load” classes and sent them in time for me to give them to my son at Christmas. I wanted you to know he is just so pleased with them. He loves the way you demonstrate everything in detail. Perfect for the novice. I want you to know that if you would like, you can use me (and my son) as a reference to any of your customers. You went way over and above what the norm seems to be in this day and age. Thank you again so very much,” –Anna

About the cookbook

“A must have for every cook, I just love this cookbook! I have given it to several people including those just really learning to cook-it’s beautifully illustrated and just has so many good ‘tips.’ The desserts especially are just delicious and many can be prepared ahead of time.” –Rebecca, Jacksonville FL

“This book makes entertaining easy and less stressful because Carol takes you by the hand and guides you all the way through. I would recommend Cooking Class to anyone who enjoys cooking.” –Ann, Charlottesville, VA

“This is a one-stop book for your next dinner party. It’s like having an experienced teacher in the kitchen with you as you prepare for your party-no wonder she named the book Cooking Class.” –Gwen, Pen & Fork Publications, Scottsdale, AZ

“Indeed, ‘Cooking Class’ is a multi-purpose cookbook that can be enjoyed on many levels. The menus are divided into the four seasons, and each one includes a step-by-step ‘battle plan,’ instructing readers how to assemble the dinner up to three days in advance. The recipes range from simple to involved, but with each one Dearth points out what parts can be completed ahead of time. Accompanying the recipes are tips that appear on the side of every page under headings like ‘Know Your Ingredients’, ‘Technique’, ‘Extra Touches’ or ‘The Right Tools.’ Just reading these sidebars is like attending a mini cooking class!” –Ginnie, Mid-York Weekly

Cooking Class: A Chef’s Step-By-Step Guide To Stress-Free Dinner Parties That Are Simply Elegant! by Carol Dearth, is a superbly illustrated guide to creating masterpieces with professional techniques, not only for bringing out flavor, but also for garnishing and presentation. The full-color photographs, the extensive instructions, and the unique extra touches highlighting culinary creations, make for an excellent and confident introduction to expanding any kitchen chef’s cooking skills into the realm of high society quality cuisine. Cooking Class truly lives up to the promise of “do-it-yourself” culinary elegance and memorable dining!” –The Midwest Book Review