New Potatoes

New Potatoes

New potatoes are not one particular variety; they are just young potatoes harvested early in the season. They may be red or white, round or oval. But they are always terrific as a side dish.

Regardless of variety, chose potatoes free of sprouts, cracks, wrinkles, decay or green areas. Buy only as many as you will use within two weeks.

Store the potatoes in a cool place, around 50°F with plenty of ventilation — not in a plastic bag.

Scrubbing those little guys can be a bit time consuming, so I have devised an easier way. In a large mesh colander or strainer, place potatoes in a single layer. You may need to wash the potatoes in batches. Under cold running water, shake and swirl the colander or strainer, allowing the potatoes to roll around, against the mesh. Your potatoes will be gently cleaned.