Cf Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Farmers markets are a romantic way to shop for those of us who push our carts along the impersonal shrink-wrapped isles of an ever-expanding array of grocery stores in Seattle – where the food we buy has often traveled so far that it should be eligible for frequent flyer miles. If you’ve visited a farmer’s market lately then you have discovered what a simple pleasure it is to meet the local producers – those dedicated folks who have toiled to bring their plump sweet berries, crisp green beans and juicy red tomatoes to our local open air markets.

You don’t have to travel to an exotic destination to find foods that are at their peak of freshness. If you are a fan of the markets, you are in luck. There are markets in nearly every community.

If you are in the Puget Sound area, visit for information on farmers markets all around our region.

To find a market near you outside of the Puget Sound area, view a map presented by the USDA and select your state. Details of opening dates and hours, as well as locations for markets all around the country are listed here. You may even become aware of market in your area preciously unknown to you.

So get out there, and enjoy the fresh bounty, ripe from the growers.