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Interested in learning something new today? Our Chef’s Notes explore culinary topics in detail, including history, definitions, and techniques.


Those fresh spears should have mild, sweet taste and
a crisp-tender texture. When shopping, choose…

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My basil likes to be moist, but not over-watered, and
cut back regularly. Which means, it is happiest when I
use it…
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How To Brine Turkey, Chicken, and Other Meats

Why do we brine meats, fish and poultry? To make them
moist and tender! I am captivated by the effects of
brining on protein rich…
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With a little knowledge and understanding, you can
select the right chocolate and store it properly. Good
quality chocolate is…
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There are several important things to keep in mind
when cooking eggplant. First, the vegetable contains…

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Farmers Market

Farmers markets are a romantic way to shop for those
of us who push our carts along the impersonal
shrink-wrapped isles of…

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Food Safety – Tips for safe use and storage

Autumn is time for tailgating parties and packing
lunches. Just as important as balancing flavors and
proper nutrition, food safety should be a primary…

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Garlic – Tips for selecting and cooking with garlic

I love cooking with garlic, and cannot imagine doing
without it. Few aromas elicit the deep oooohs and aahhhs
in my kitchen like that of cooking garlic, especially

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Grilling Tips –  Getting the Most From Your Grill

Grilling is a lean way of cooking that brings out the
rich, intense flavors when the meat, poultry or fish is
pleasantly charred. It is an excellent way to…

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Low-fat Baking Techniques

Create great-tasting low-fat baked goods by carefully
balancing flavors and textures, creatively compensating
for the contribution that fat makes to a dish, and…

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Marinating Techniques for the Grill – Steak, Chicken & More

Marinating foods can make grilling more creative,
whether it’s for delicious steak, chicken, seafood, or
vegetables. Steeping meat, poultry, seafood or
vegetables for…

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Those melons in the market are so alluring, yet how
do you choose a ripe, sweet one to take home? First,
pick it up…

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New Potatoes

New potatoes are not one particular variety; they are
just young potatoes harvested…

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It’s Pear Season – Selecting, Ripening & Enjoying

A pear purchased at the farmer’s market or grocery
store will almost always be unripe.  Because pears
bruise easily, they are picked and shipped in an…

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Potato ricers look like large garlic presses. The
bowl of the ricer holds from 1 to 2 cups of potato
chunks, which are then…

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Rolling Pastry

If you struggle to roll pastry because it sticks to
the rolling surface or rolling pin, or if you just

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Salt – An Important Seasoning In Cooking from SizzleWorks Cooking

Salt is probably the most important seasoning in
cooking. On its own or when used to deliberately make
something taste salty, salt’s flavor is quite distinct.
But salt can also…

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Tapas – The Tradition of Spanish Tapas

Tapas, an Andalusian custom throughout Spain, are an
informal style of eating. One of the pleasures of Spain
is to go on a “Tapeo,” to move leisurely from bar to bar
in order to…

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Yams vs. Sweet Potatoes

Although they may look similar, yams and sweet
potatoes come from two different plants. Sweet potatoes
are most…
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