Parchment Paper Tips

Parchment Paper

I love parchment paper. You can find it in your supermarket or kitchenware shop.

I use it to line the bottoms of pans for baking, making my cakes and brownies slide right out. Cookies slide off sheet pans easily, without fat to grease the pan. And then, clean up is a breeze!

Line pans with parchment for roasting vegetables, especially potatoes, that always stick to the pan. They will slide right off as well.

A sheet of parchment is a great place to sift dry ingredients for baking. After sifting, just pick up the sides of the paper to pour the dry ingredients into your mixing bowl.

Roll a bit of it into a cone for a custom size funnel to fill those small jars.

A bit of parchment on the countertop can serve as a protective surface to set sticky utensils.

Parchment makes a terrific liner for tins or boxes of baked goods or candies as it is easier to handle than plastic wrap.

Great tips to save cleanup time, which means more time for you! I recommend Sizzleworks’ video “Parchment Paper” for additional tips and uses for this versatile kitchen tool.