Leftover Bread Tips

Leftover Bread

Leftover bread – what a concept!

I like to find great gourmet breads in the market, but occasionally I have some leftover after a great meal. It doesn’t always keep well for the next day, but I hate to waste it.

Refrigeration will make the bread stale after only a few hours, but freezing it will trap the moisture and maintain the fresh quality. Just defrost on the counter to use.

Sometimes I slice the bread or cube it, brush it with butter or olive oil, and spread it on a sheet pan. Bake at 450° for about 8 minutes, until golden. Cool, then store in a zip-close bag. Use the smaller bits as croutons, the larger ones can be topped with tomatoes or spreads for bruschetta.

Got great tasting but stale bread – put the slices into the freezer for Sunday French toast!

For a quick save idea, spin those extra bread bits in the food processor to make breadcrumbs, and store in the freezer in a zip-close bag.