Fresh Dried Herbs

Fresh vs. Dried Herbs

Fresh herbs add fresh flavor to our cooking, but they are not always available. When fresh herbs are not at hand, I use dried. The water content has been greatly reduced with drying, concentrating the herb. A good rule of thumb is that one part dried herb is equal to three parts fresh.

When herbs are dried, the essential oils are locked inside. After measuring, if you place them in the palm of your hand, and rub the herbs between your hands while adding  them to your dish, you will release more of these essential oils, and add more flavor to your food. These essential oils give the herbs their characteristic scents and flavors.

As dried herbs age, the essential oils eventually dry up, rarely lasting more than a year.  Open those little jars and sniff – if the herbs in your pantry have very little aroma, it’s time to replace them. Sizzleworks’ video “Herbs – Fresh vs. Dried” discusses herbs in greater detail.