About Sizzleworks

About Sizzleworks

about Sizzleworks

At Sizzleworks, we partner with you to bring out the best in your cooking.

Just as everyone has their own unique personality traits, so everyone brings their own flavor and style to the table and the kitchen. And we believe the best way to learn to cook well is to understand well. This is why we go beyond just teaching people the right techniques to use but also the science behind why they work, all in an encouraging and engaging environment. Our approach is hands on, allowing you to become a more confident and adventurous chef in our kitchen and your home.

Sizzleworks has four different educational platforms.  So no matter what your schedule, skill level or location we can help move you to the next level.  Check out the Sizzleworks cooking school, the Sizzleworks cooking blog, our line of free culinary videos and Cooking Class an award-winning cookbook. All four are specifically built to assist you on your culinary journey while offering valuable resources every step of the way.

Our Cooking School is located in Bellevue, Washington, near Seattle. A space dedicated to the joy of cooking, it represents everything we stand for as chefs and food enthusiasts. The school is designed to be as inviting as it is invigorating, housing a comfortable atmosphere and state-of-the-art kitchen with everything you need to develop your skills.

The School offers several individual events every year.  Examples include:

  • Cake Master Workshop Mini-series
  • A gourmet dining chair tour of the Mediterranean
  • Pastry Master Workshop Mini-series
  • Entertaining workshops
  • Winemakers dinners throughout the year
  • Annual Sparkles dinner to kick-off the holiday entertaining season
  • Kids and Teens Summer Day Camps

In addition to specific events, the school enrolls more than 2,000 students per year in our popular classes. The courses range from Cookwise, our signature 16-week series for those truly passionate about food,  to Real Foods for Life, a six-week series teaching students how to plan, prepare and enjoy meals that are healthy, to How to Boil Water, a four-week series for people first stepping into the kitchen to classes like  the Taste of Europe for more experienced chefs refining their craft.

Each one of our classes is led by chefs whose knowledge of cooking is matched by their passion for the love of food. From stirring and slicing to frying and dicing, each student is given the tools and training they need to consistently create killer dishes for friends and family. Find one that fits you today!

Nothing makes a party come alive faster than people gathering around delicious food. Which is why our School hosts events for your friends and coworkers at our team building and cooking parties. From planning the menu to firing up the skillet, you’ll get to know food and your teammates better than ever as you create a unique experience all your own.

Know someone who loves food, fire, knives & sizzle? Our Sizzleworks Gift Certificates offer just the right ingredient to spice up a wedding, anniversary, or other celebration. And our Certificates can be used to access a wide array of classes, so you can be positive of finding the right flavor. To get one, contact us.

Heading in for a class? Dropping by to say hi? Our Cooking School is about two miles north of I-90 and near the 148th Avenue NE Exit off SR-520. And if you’re a fan of both maps and food, just click here. We look forward to welcoming you to the family.