what to do with a pound of ground meat

I LOVE to make things ahead, to pull out of the freezer, or put together a quick meal with ingredients that I have already prepped! Frequently I will purchase 4 pounds of ground meat, beef, turkey or chicken, and then turn it into four or five different meal items. Nearly all of these make-ahead dishes can be frozen for up to 2 months! Dinner at home, and a night off, what’s not to like about that??!!

So, here’s the scoop. I divide the ground meat in half, and into separate large skillets I prepare a double batch of basic ground meat mixture. Then I divide those in half again, and create a single recipe of four of the choices I have listed here, or a double batch of one, and two singles. If you are planning to freeze your finished dishes, be sure to:

  • cool the dish first, before putting into the freezer
  • double wrap or wrap and put into a zipper bag
  • label the contents and DATE

the recipes:

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