timeline for easter brunch

Creating and hosting a memorable Easter brunch is a fabulous treat. Enjoying the process, planning and preparation as well as a delicious meal, coming together with friends and family sounds wonderful. And accomplishing it without having your hair on fire is quite do-able if you use a timeline (below). For me, the key is doing whatever I can in advance, so that I don’t feel rushed at the last minute. My motto is: whatever you can make ahead — DO IT! And don’t feel badly choosing purchased prepared foods as another option if necessary. But having fun is not an option — it is a requirement!

To complete your menu, you might add simple fruit skewers, which are more festive than a compote, and a lively brunch cocktail. Find the  recipes here:


One week in advance:

  • Prepare crepes. Stack with plastic wrap between each of the crepes; freeze.
  • Press tablecloth and napkins if using.

evening before:

  • Assemble fruit skewers.
  • Plate butter and other condiments.
  • Defrost crepes, cook sausages, assemble in baking dish. Cover & refrigerate until morning.
  • Zest oranges. Make sauce for crepes; cover and set aside until morning.
  • Slice oranges into wheels. Refrigerate until morning.
  • Chill the drinks.
  • Set up coffee, tea.
  • Set the table.

brunch morning:

  • Make biscuits; bake off.
  • Reheat orange sauce; add orange slices to crepe dish, bake and finish with sauce.
  • Arrange fruit skewers on a serving tray.
  • Prepare drinks.
  • ENJOY!!

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