cook up a gift!

The most treasured gifts are homemade — and these are not only treasured but scrumptious as well. Package your bounty in cute containers, which may be a ‘recycled’ bottle or jar, a holiday gift bag, a brown or white lunch sack tied with festive ribbon. You can find tins of all sorts at the dollar store, along with holiday plates and bowls to hold your treasures.

You may want to personalize each of these, with tags, a bit of ribbon, a small scrap of fabric. Or, add a tag with the ingredients, in case there are any partakers with food allergies. If your treat is made with fresh herbs tie a sprig to your gift. Oh, so many ideas….

nuts for you!

savory shortbreads — these are great with wine!

lemon curd

marshmallows — the ultimate holiday gift!

limoncello liqueur — you may not want to give this one up!

sour cherry liqueur

sweet HOT pecans

mango chili vinegar

rosemary citrus salt — this is a staple in my kitchen!

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