fresh corn

It’s that time again — fresh corn at the farmers market!! YUMM!! It is so tender and sweet. Of course, corn on the cob is am must, but I also like to turn my corn into more elegant sides, or simply freeze it for use later in the year. Here the how to:

Cut the stalk end from the corn, taking care to cut above where the corn begins on the cob. It will look like this:






Then rinse each ear under cool water; shake off excess and wrap each ear individually in paper towels. Two at a time, microwave ears for 3 minutes on high, turning once. Remove from the microwave.

With a pot holder, grab the pointed end of the cob, and gently wiggle and squeeze, pulling the cornhusk off with the paper towel. It’s a bit like pressing toothpaste out of the tube. The husk comes off beautifully, taking most, if not all, of the corn silk along with it. Just rinse the ears to complete the cleaning process, and you are ready to proceed with cooking your corn.

How about making chili corn?


If you want to freeze the corn, you can either freeze it on the cob at this point, or cut if off with a sharp knife and freeze the kernels.

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