insalata caprese al inverno

Ah, the weather got you down? We have seen bit of sun lately, but it’s COLD! I like to make this salad in the dead of winter, because I like to cook seasonally, and because it cheers up my tastebuds! It gives me the chance to celebrate Italy in the cool winter days. 

So, what is insalata caprese al Inverno? I made it up! It’s winter caprese, made with foods available and flavorful this time of year — arugula, pomegranate seeds and oranges, blood oranges if you can get them are so tasty and beautiful. We don’t get all of this great stuff year round, so, like an Italian,  enjoy now!

insalata caprese inverno

Insalata Caprese al Inverno
  • 3-4 oranges, peeled and sliced (blood oranges are beautiful here, when they are in season)
  • 1 pound fresh mozzarella in whey
  • handful of fresh arugula
  • 2-3 tablespoons pomegranate seeds
  • 2-3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste (I like to use alder smoked salt here)

Arrange orange slices on four salad plates. Then add mozzarella, either cut in slices or torn into chunks (I prefer the chunks). Scatter arugula over top, then sprinkle with pomegranate seeds. Drizzle with olive oil; season with salt and pepper. Allow to stand 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

Serves 4.

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