farmers market time

Time to shop the farmers markets! Why?

Peppers MarketTop quality freshness and peak flavor, because your food does not have to travel long distances to get to you. And there are loads more varieties of foods available than at the supermarket. And there are fewer preservatives here.

It smells — like FLOWERS!

You can talk to the farmer. First, ask “What’s good today? What is the best buy? What is the most unusual?” Then take advantage to learn more about the products, ask about choosing, storing, and preparing those luscious fruits and veggies.

Learn about the person who is providing your food. Farmers and growers are a wealth of information about how to choose, prepare and store your bounty. Connect with nature.

It’s FUN!

If you are a fan of the markets, you are in luck. There are markets in nearly every community. To find one near you, just google farmers market.

For the most successful shopping trip, here are a few tips:

  • Go early for best selection
  • Bring along a re-usable bag or two, or a great large basket for your bounty. A thermal bag is great for meats, fish or dairy products.
  • Also bring along plenty of $1’s and $5’s, the vendor really appreciate correct change.
  • Ask questions – of the vendors, farmers and chefs at the market – how to store and prepare the produce you have purchased, when will your favorite things be in season, and are these grown locally (some markets do sell non-local produce).

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