spring asparagus

photo_asparagusFresh spring asparagus is in the market! Choose asparagus that is spring green, firm and heavy for its size, no wrinkles or brown spots. And the tips should be firm with the buds closed. Either thin or thick stalks are good, which ever you prefer. To store asparagus, trim about an inch from the bottom and stand the bunch in a glass of cold water, like a bouquet of flowers. Cover with the plastic produce bag and refrigerate for three or four days.

When it’s time to cook, snap the bottom of each stalk off and discard (this is the woody part). Trim up the edge and you’re ready to go. You may want to pare thick stalks to make them more tender.

Oh, so many options to prepare it. I love the simple presentation of a bundle of roasted asparagus, topped with a freshly poached egg, and garnished with sea salt, black pepper and a bit or freshly slivered Parmesan cheese. This is a versatile dish, which can serve as a brunch entrée or an elegant appetizer for dinner. It is a showcase for spring, the beautiful bright green of the vegetable, and the yellow or the silky, rich egg yolk. Tres sophisticated!

Or, you may want to make cream of asparagus soup — c’est magnifique!

And, who knew that asparagus is SO GOOD for you! Did you now that asparagus offers 31 health benefits?

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