cooking with Guinness

bottleAhh, the wearing’ o’ the green is upon us, and I am always intrigued with making a dish or two with a bit of Guinness! Why cook with beer? Because it is a unique ingredient. Its carbonation will make for a great, light batter for frying, or lighter biscuits (I bet you  didn’t think of that!). It’s great food for yeast in leavened breads. Beer can add malty sweetness to sauces and desserts or stand in for sour elements in dressings and marinades. Dark beer also add a bit of richness, so I like to add it to my French onion soup, or beef stew.

Here are my choices for this year:

broccoli, cheese and Guinness soup

potted Guinness & cheddar spread

Guinness beef stew

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