blood oranges are in season!

blood orangesYes, indeed! This is the time of year when blood oranges, those gorgeous oranges with red interior pulp and juice, are available. My first exposure to these beautiful oranges happened more than 30 years ago in Italy, when I purchased them for the first time. I had no idea the treasure I had — the skins are orange, with a slight red blush, and they looked like any other orange I had ever seen. When my husband first cut into one, not having ever heard of blood oranges, he squealed like a little girl as he thought the orange was ruined when the dark red juice and pulp became visible; he quickly learned otherwise!

blood oranges 2Blood oranges are delightful to cook with — their extra sweet flavor and gorgeous, intriguing color makes for an enchanting dish or drink. Of course, you can always use any orange you choose, and if you cannot find blood oranges in your market, you might find Cara Cara oranges,which are grown domestically, and have delectable pink flesh.

A few of my favorite recipes for these mouthwatering oranges include:


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