how to peel a peach

peachesI recently learned a new method for peeling peaches, at least it was new to me. For years, I thought the only way to skin peaches was to cut an “X” in the bottom skin, then dip them in boiling water for about a minute, and pop them into and ice bath for another minute. then pull the skin away. But they always were so slippery, and this seemed to be a lot of trouble if I needed to peel only one or two. My friend and fellow chef/cooking instructor Giuliano Hazan taught me tis method, which also works well on tomatoes!

Using a peeler, begin to scrape away the skin, but as you progress down or around the fruit, jiggle the peeler back and forth, and it will remove the skin lickety split!

Now, what to do with those beautifully peeled peaches?

peach & ginger cooler

peach upside-down cake

warm peach & prosciutto salad

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