perfect poached eggs

I think poached eggs are so very elegant — especially when served atop roasted asparagus as a plated appetizer. If you do not already know how to poach an egg, here’s how I do it. You’ll need

  • a large deep skillet or sauté pan
  • white vinegar (this aids in firming up the white the instant it hits the water, keeping the egg intact)
  • dash of salt (optional, for flavor)
  • a 1/2 cup dry measure with a handle, or a tea cup
  • eggs (duhh!!)
  • a rubber spatula
  • a large spoon
  • a small spider (the Asian kind) is useful to remove the eggs from the pan.

1 simmering waterBring about 1 1/2-inches of water to a simmer in the skillet or sauté pan. Add about 1 tablespoon white vinegar to the water, and a dash of salt if you like.




3 placing egg in waterCarefully break an egg into the measuring cup or teacup, then slide it into the simmering water. Depending upon the size of your pan, you may cook several eggs at a time.




6 off bottom of panWhen the egg has cooked for about a minute, slide a rubber spatula under it to be sure it is not stuck to the pan. Continue cooking until the white is set, about one minute longer.




8 turning eggUsing the spoon, gently flip the egg over to cook the other side. At about three minutes, your egg should be cooked to perfection (My version of perfection is a firm white and a soft yolk).




10 spiderCarefully remove the egg form the simmering water with the spider, and plate.





13 holding poached eggsIf you are not ready to serve your eggs, you may hold them, even overnight. Just slide your cooked eggs into a bowl of cold water. Cover and refrigerate until you’re ready. Then, pour off the cold water; cover with boiling water. Let stand 30 seconds to reheat, and serve.

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