coddled (cheater poached) eggs

As a beginner cook, I learned to make ‘cheater poached eggs’ in place of real poached eggs. They’re SO easy! You’ll need:

  • a large skillet, with a lid
  • custard cups or small oven proof dishes  (one per egg)
  • non-stick spray 
  • eggs
  • tongs
  • rubber spat or knife
  • salt & pepper, to taste

1 simmering waterOver medium-high heat, bring about 1-inch of water in the skillet to a gentle boil.

Spray the custard cups with non-stick spray, then break an egg into each of the cups.



coddled egg 1Carefully set the custard  cups into the boiling water, cover the skillet with the lid.





coddled eg coveredCook until eggs are set to your liking, about 3 minutes for firm whites and soft yolks. 

Remove the cups from the water with tongs. Run a rubber spat or knife around the edge of the egg and turn the egg out onto a serving plate. A dash of salt and pepper and you are all set!


coddled (cheater poached) eggs — 2 Comments

  1. I use Corning Corelle cups and no non-stick spray or butter, just crack the eggs in the cups, set them in the boiling water, put the lid on and cook for much longer due to our altitude…5-1/2 minutes for soft white and yellow, 6 minutes for firm white and soft yellow, 6-1/2 minutes for firm white and yellow. Lift the eggs in cups from the water, put them on the plates with meat and bread…We like bacon and biscuits. Add a small bit of butter to the eggs and salt and pepper. Eat them out of the cups. I eat mine with a teaspoon, my wife eats her’s with a fork. Clean up is reduced to cleaning the interior of the cups. Corelle is an incredibly thin ceramic that will tolerate extreme temperature changes. We live at 6,200 feet ASL, water boils at 192 F. I developed this approach as I got tired of cleaning up after poaching in an open pan. I’ve used custard cups and they work OK but require different timing. We use jumbo eggs.

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