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How do you know if a chili pepper is hot — beyond your knowledge of the variety?

ANSWER: I LOVE Anaheim chilies! But, I love the fresh green chili pepper flavor, not the heat. OK OK, I can hear the “boos” out there, but yes, I’m a heat wimp with some things. For those like me who love the flavor and not the burn, chose an ABSOLUTELY wrinkle free pepper. Also, as dark green as you can. This indicates a young pepper that is not ‘hot‘ yet, but still has great flavor. Anaheims, jalapenos, poblanos all fall into this rule of thumb. The last two have a mild heat.

I remove the seeds by cutting of the stem and hollowing it out. I char it on the grill and let it sweat in a bag so that I can peel it.

My favorite dish is a couple of ‘easy over’ eggs on a bed of those fresh grilled chilies!

Meanwhile at home, I’m seeing that ll my little green pea bushes are sprouting! I wonder if I can actually freeze any this year before I eat them all . . . hmmm….


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