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As you shop today’s produce markets, you see that we have everything — all the time. However, a few tips on buying produce that comes by container ship from warmer climates having summer, while we endure floods and snow.

Do you think those giant beautiful tomatoes you see ‘on the vine‘ are better than the rest?


Answer: Nope! Hothouse, just like the majority. Romas (plum) are at this point, the only tomatoes grown ‘primarily’ outside and (in my opinion) have any flavor. Sometimes they aren’t as pretty as others (outside grown), but we want flavor. . . right? Also, beware of that ‘oiled‘ veggie that gleams in the flourescent light of your supermarket . . . (shiver) nasty! It’s a way of making “farm-fresh-from-the-field” produce attractive. I think if it’s farm fresh, it IS attractive. Don’t oili it up for a glamour shot — we’re eating it, not giving it a modeling contract! Just my opinion.

However, you will see a waxy coating on apples and occasionally pears that is used a s a protective coating for cold storage after the fruit season has passed. It needs to be washed off, but is not toxic.

— Julie

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