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KING 5 TV is coming to Sizzleworks!! How exciting is that?

Wednesday, February 16, their crew will appear at Sizzleworks to video our class for Bellevue College’s Occupational & Life Skills program. We are so thrilled to be part of this experience for the BC students.

The OLS program is a one-of-a-kind degree designed for developmental disabled students to provide them   with a student-directed career pathway, a unique college experience, and preparation to become self-determined, responsible citizens. As part of learning how to succeed on their own or in a group house setting, the students have planned and shopped for the event and will be expanding their cooking skills with us at here Sizzleworks. I am so lucky to get a chance to work with these fantastic students. Of course, we will be preparing an Italian lunch.


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  1. How wonderful! My oldest son struggled with Cerebral Palsy. I remember how special it was for he and his peer group to be able to be “can do” learners and workers with the things they wanted to be a part of.
    Your going to have the best time ever Carol! And they will have a blast!

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