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This afternoon  I had the great fortune to attend a private grand opening celebration for Starbucks’ new concept store on Olive Way in Seattle. I was bowled over — the store is just as friendly and warm as my favorite Starbucks, although it has a different look to it. Just as I had expected, there was great coffee AND they serve wine as well as great new snack plates. They offer a variety of ‘reserve’ coffees from which to choose.

So, I began my tasting experience with Starbucks newest aged coffee, Sulawesi. The handsome young barrista who prepared my special cup explained that these coffee beans had been aged for 5 years before ending up in his Clover coffee making machine. That got me wondering, as I have had coffee beans that were aged in my freezer, but the effect was not something I would brag about.

I must digress here for a moment, to say I have been drinking coffee since I was 3 years old, and have never really liked it with out cream and sugar. But, here I was, given a sample cup of NAKED coffee, straight up, and it smelled heavenly, so I thought, what the heck, I’ll just sip it (or slurp it, according to the coffee tasting guidelines). I LIKED it! A lot!

I wandered and sipped (cream-and-sugarless) for a bit, then returned to talk with the young barrista who brewed my special cup. He suggested I try the coffee with the cheeses that were served. I must say, I was skeptical. Coffee and cheese — isn’t cheese what I like to eat with wine? But, he had steered me in the right direction with the coffee, so I trusted him once more. I sampled cheddar, gouda and brie. Yup, you guessed it. I liked the coffee and cheese combination, especially the brie! YUMM. I’m thinking this is a great combination for a unique dessert. This is not your regular cup of Joe here!


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  1. This definatly hit the spot for me! Up at 4:30 am to get off to work at the cafe..I need coffee!
    So I know I like roasted nuts along with cheese as a snack. I was inspired to try a bit of this coffee wisdom for my lunch break.
    So I had a “black” (which I also never do) Hazel nut flavored (we serve Starbucks) coffee. I also had grilled Sourdough bread- buttered, and some sharp cheddar cheese. Separate, no grilled sandwich.
    Yes Carol “YUM”! Thanks for the traveling taste bud story!

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