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Ahh, it is good to have foodie friends! Julie, my friend who works in a produce stand in Puyallup says:

Today we set up the stand for this weekend’s opening.

It looks like a lot of produce from Eastern Wa, has hit the markets early this year..but will now stop till about late August.

Early fruits and then a long growth laps due to weather, will slow the usual yields that show up at this time. The overall yields may not be huge either so prices could be high. This will especially effect tomatoes and peaches.

On   our side of the mountains, corn and cold weather loving veggies like broccoli and cauliflower are loving it! Squash, pumpkins, apples, all should do great!

At Duris, green beans are growing well because it’s dry. They mold when the ground is wet.

Today the farms owner said to pray for warm dry nights because cucumber grows at night. That was a bit of gardening wisdom I am glad to have learned!

So that’s theIn season” update so far.


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