cool august evening

Ahh, here in the Northwest we are mostly lamenting about how our summer has been somewhat non-existent. But, there is an advantage — on a cool summer evening you can enjoy the warmth of comfort food, those things that you long for on cool autumn nights. A brief change of pace from lighter summer fare, and an opportunity to eat those things you love that you have not enjoyed for a bit.

And comfort food always goes best with great wine. Big red wines tend to get moved to the back of the shelf in the hot weather, but this respite offered a chance to enjoy a truly magnificent wine.

So, last week, on one of those cool evenings, we chose to have comfort food for dinner. Poking about in my pantry, I found a small spaghetti squash, which I stuffed with a ground lamb mixture, seasoned with Moroccan spices and topped with gremolata. Alongside, the ultimate comfort food — black truffle risotto. And the crowning glory for the meal was a glass of Matthews Syrah. This is a BIG wine, and it made me want to savor it with great food and great company. Oh my goodness, it was awe inspiring.

Next time you are in Woodinville, be sure to visit Matthews Cellars. The folks there are warm and inviting, and the wines are exceptional. Here’s to another cool summer evening!


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  1. I am now officially hungry for a meal that leaves me feeling wrapped in warmth. In fact is it too soon to start thinking about making soup? Not sure quite why that comes up for me.

    And this Big wine can you elaborate on how you experience the flavor and feel of it in more detail? What exactly made it awe inspiring?

    I am in love with details…and simple well-flavored food.

    Learning about pairing food and wine was something I was not educated on until my 20s but there is no time like the present to start understanding matchmaking of this kind.

    I’m “cool” with it becoming cool again. And I await the days the maples in my neighborhood begin to turn golden and red again. Fall is my favorite season of all.

    Thanks for a vivid and delicious image captured in a quick post. Look forward to more.

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