‘aha’ moments

In a recent interview on the Vanessa Waller show, I was asked what I deemed the most satisfactory part of being a cooking teacher — the teaching aspect of watching my students learn and expand their culinary repertoires, or the actual consumption of the meal. Hmmm. . . I like both!

It is so gratifying to watch my students during a class, especially when they suddenly grasp a concept of ‘why we do what we do‘ and I can see the light bulb flick on! “OH!! So that’s what makes this work!” The science behind the process leads to a much deeper understanding, a visualization in the brain, and a lingering memory of the steps. It helps to have all of the senses involved, because when this happens, my students are FULLY engaged.

When the cooking is finished, we eat. Although the usual sounds from the dining room don’t mimick ‘aha!’they do sound a lot like “AAaaahhh!”  When the students take great satisfaction in the fruits of their labors, and cna transfer that into “I can do this at home,” it is also an ‘aha’ moment.

Yes, indeed, cooking is fun, and teaching is a blast! I love it!

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