sunday dinner

Ah, well, it has been a crazy Sunday at my house. At 6 pm, I realized I had not even begun to plan dinner, usually a highlight of the week for us with a leisurely glass or two of wine and great food. So, what to make?

You know, it is a good thing to have cooking school leftovers in the freezer! One quick peek, and I unearthed a jar of Boar Bolognese from our previous Firenze class. Some quick potato gnocchi to go underneath, and an apple and gouda salad, half a loaf of bread that I discovered in the freezer left from the food processor class. It all came together nicely in about 20 minutes.

But, the star of the evening was the wine chosen by my husband to accompany our fare — Couvillion’s Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 from Sagemoor Vineyard. It was silky, elegant and richly flavored. Ahh, Sunday!!

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