Wine tasting

What a great weekend! My husband and I went to Woodinville to taste wine with some friends, beginning at Brian Carter Cellars. As always, the wines there were superb. We were among the first to taste Brian’s newest release — a Spanish style blend of primarily Temperanillo grapes with Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha and Merlot. MMmmm, MMMmmm, MMMmm, mmmm! I think last year was the first time that Brian Carter Cellars produced a similar wine, and it was a HUGE hit (as we expected it to be), so he has indeed done it again.

The wine — 2007 Corrida — is a beautiful garnet color, with aromas of blackberry and baking spices, a perfect balance of flavors and nice soft tannins to finish. I cannot wait to pair it with some tapas, possibly the Coffee & Pepper Crusted Lamb Meatballs, maybe a smoky cheese, or dry grilled broccoli with smoked paprika. Ahh, I get started talking about food and off I get a bit distracted.

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