I was just wandering around the supermarket — something I do quite frequently, and there she was! The sample lady! And she was handing out samples of apples and cheese. Well, she must have known, I’m a sucker for both. WOW! Each on their own  was fantastic, and together, it was a bit of magic!

Pinatas are a new boutique apple  grown in Wenatchee, the original variety came from Germany. It is a cross of Golden Delicious, Cox’s Orange Pippin and Duchess of Oldenburg varieties, showcasing the best flavors and characteristics of each. These Pinata apples are crisp, juicy, firm and crunchy. A mouth-watering new favorite.

But don’t forget the cheese — rich, earthy, creamy and a little bit sharp. Just what I like. Rembrandt Extra-Aged Gouda. With the Pinata apples or a bit of red wine it is a delight for the tastebuds. I warn you, it may be addictive. . . .

I found these items at my local QFC store.

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