Romantic menu

One of the things I most enjoy in my job is putting together great foods that enhance the flavors of one another, and developing new recipes for menus. This year Valentine’s day is about couples cooking together, so I needed to address this aspect with recipes and dishes that can be made in a team of two. And of course, the resulting meal should be enticing, a little bit flirty and sensual, and finished with a dessert that is at least a bit sinful!

I wanted to begin with Champagne as an essential element of the meal, and revolve around that very simple flavor. It is always so festive and the bubbles are quite sensual. As Champagne is very versatile, it shows itself well with foods that are either light or on the rich side. It also pairs well with salty foods, and a sweeter Champagne can be quite lovely with fruit. And so, I have opted for:

Gougeres (light, fluffy cheesy French puffs)

Succulent, juicy chicken breasts with Champagne & Apples, served with

Sweet Potato/Chive Gnocchi and Broiled Asparagus

And of courser, the grand finale: Rich, Dark Mochachino Silk (who can resist something as tempting as this?)

So, this menu was last night’s dinner, after all, I had to see how it was going to all come together. MMMmmm, Valentine’s Day is going to be a big hit!

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